June 4, 2010

Vacation Helper

If you’re leaving home and need someone to provide total home care:

Norman Maskin, 847-509-1710 ot


September 17, 2009

Shayna’s Place –Dog Sitting

Robin Stiebel’s Shayna’s Place is a happy, safe place to leave your dog. 847-793-0738


June 18, 2009

For Personal Travel Assistance

Sometimes you need a professional to take over your travel plans. Call Naomi Maslow, at Frosch, member of the Signature Travel Network, Phone: 847-948-5300 ext. 1385, Fax: 847-948-0589


May 12, 2009

Protect Your Home While Traveling

Snowbird Homr Watch of Illinois will watch your home while you’re away.


May 7, 2009

Travel Insurance May Save You Money

Travel Insurance steps in if you get sick or need help during triip:

Langendorf Enterprises Inc. Sheldon P. Lengendorf, President, General Agent

847-446-7873, P.O.Box 510, Northbrook IL 60082


March 14, 2009

Suburban Travel, Inc.

Travel’s better with professonal help. See Betty Golen, Vacation/Group Specialist, 1480 Waukegan Rd., Glenview IL 60025, 847-729-7730.


September 19, 2008

Widows List : Travel

Widows too can enjoy a trip… or two. Here are some people who help you get there:

Access America, Travel Protection Plan:


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