About Us

Our Mission

Our community aims to provide a platform where “Women in the Widow ‘hood” have a voice; and where they can discuss their unique challenges, conflicts, solutions and joys; families, friends, jobs and leisure time. The “Widows’ Lists” offer practical and tested places where widows have found answers and trustworthy service providers.

The Host

Award-winning journalist Sandra (Sandy) Pesmen writes the DR.JOB column for the newspaper syndicate Career News Service. Previously she was Corporate Features Editor of Crain Communications Inc., Features Editor of Crain’s Chicago Business, and a features writer for the Chicago Daily News. She is a member of The Chicago Journalism Hall of Fame and the University of Illinois Media Alumni Hall of Fame. The concept for the Widow’s List was born after the death of her husband in November 2007.


Beth Presmen PriesBeth Pesmen Preis was widowed at age 33. She remarried two years later, and since then she has lived in Northbrook, IL with her husband and their two children. A graduate of Southern Illinois University, Beth is a photographer and publicist for Glenview/Northbrook’s School District 30.

“All my work, my life, everything is about survival. All my work is meant to say, ‘You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated.'”

Maya Angelou

 Our Community

”Widowslist.com is a great idea. I’ve been a widow for 23 years and [recently] started my own support group. We read helpful books and offer suggestions and friendship to one another. Like Beth, I was widowed young but had a few friends in the same situation. Now, sadly, many of my friends and associates have joined my ‘club.’”

Judy S., Macomb, IL

”I think your group is wonderful and my mother would love to be a part of it. She has been a widow for 13 1/2 years. She wants to attend some of your seminars. Thanks for doing this.”

Dana S., Northbrook, IL

“I’ve been widowed twice: the first time when I was 27 and had a one-year-old son. Three years later I remarried, and after 27 years, he died. I’ve now been widowed 11 years. The death of my second husband was harder because we spent so many years together. Working has helped. I would love to hear from others on your blog. Thank you for the web site. It will help a lot of us.”

Arlene L., Kankakee, IL

“I’m a financial advisor, and as a single parent I fought through many financial hardships. Now I feel compelled to help those with similar needs. I would love to become involved with The Widows List. “

Laura D., Northbrook, IL