Are Your Children “Helicopter Kids?”

There’s nothing happier than a grandchild’s upcoming wedding, right?

And today they don’t just have a wedding. They have a weekend or week long “event” in a carefully chosen “venue” with a “wedding consultant” who has the final word on almost everything, and manage to run up thousands of dollars in bills if the family lets her.)

We can’t worry about that. Our only concern is “What city are you doing all this in?” Too often its not yours and you have to make airline and hotel arrangements coordinated with everyone else in the family.

Not to worry! we can just revel in the fact that we lived long to see this joyous occasion.

That’s where my friend Elaine is: starting to plan for her eldest grandson’s destination wedding in September.. This is March.She’s searching the internet for the best deal on all travel arrangements.

Her problem is that the boy’s parents, Elaine’s daughter and son-in-law, are going the week before to help with arrangements. Elaine’s son and his family are going Saturday for the Sunday wedding. They insist Elaine travel with them.

“But I want to go Friday night and have the whole weekend to relax and get ready for the rehearsal dinner party Saturday . I’m really unhappy about that..” she said

“So make your own arrangements to fly Friday,” I answered.

“Oh, I can’t” she said, “My children won’t let me travel alone.”

I blinked and asked, ” Are you a grownup? Are you old enough to vote? No one can tell you what to do if you are paying for your ticket.”

“I can’t,” she insisted. “They want to make sure I’m safe.”

I thought at first she was absolutely bonkers. She is physically fit and mentally astute. She can take a cab to the airport, get on a plane and go anywhere she can afford to buy a ticket to.

But I later realized good sense was not the issue. It means the world to her to believe that her children love her so much they are adamant about protecting her and keeping her near for all occasions, especially such a happy one.

“How wonderful of them,” I told her, and I meant it.

These are really good kids.

Are you feeling the effects of “Helicopter Kids” too?###