Helpful Drivers Driiving You Nuts?

Once you’re widowed, friends and family members offer to pick you up and drive you to event s.

Sometimes it’s necessary since we lose some reflexes or faculties as we age and are no longer really capable of getting there in our own car.

So you agree to be out in front, or in the hall, watching for their car at the specified pickup hour.

The problem is, you just may be safer driving yourself. I’ve silently clenched my teeth as a younger “savior” dive far to ofast and too close to the car in front of us—yet I don’t feel I can say “slow down” when someone was nice enough to give me a lift.

And almost every driver I ride with lately thinks nothing of driving over that white line at stop signs –or swinging into the wrong lane when they turn a corner instead of staying in their own.

More and moor I’ve started calling Uber when I don’t want to drive. Anger option is the taxi service in my village that gives seniors a credit car for $5 per ride. We can use it nine times a month and just pay the difference that makes local trips to the market or dentist almost free— and even takes $5 off the longer ride to three airports.

Last, think about using three computers to shop for groceries, as well as Amazon’s vast array of items. Most markets now let you order online and either pick up at the store or have then delivered.

Try and think of this as “another inconvenience.”