Grandkids need encouragement–not more degrees

You probably heard the old story about the grandma who was sitting in the park with her grandchildren when a friend came by and said,” What lovely children! Who is who?”

And the grandma said, “That one’s the doctor, that one’s the lawyer, and that’s Joey,” suggesting the last one wasn’t smart enough in school to be successful.

And w used to think she was right because we once believed you need a college degree, and preferably a professional title, to succeed.

But times have changed so drastically that today I put my money on Joey.

Yet too many people still believe that if you keep sending kids to school, for more and more degrees, they surely get wonderful jobs and make lots of money some day.

But the sad truth is, as the famous educator Erik Erikson said, “You buy them a ticket to success, and when they get to the box office their ticket is no good.”

Instead, everyone, regardless of profession or job, must be a “rainmaker” and actively bring in clients or customers to be a winner. And most often that’s not the most educated grad—but the one who’s likeable, witty, observant, outgoing an eager hustler, and a natural networker.

Too many grandmothers and parents that I meet still are dismayed when the law firms and Fortune 500 companies don’t reach out to their newly graduated offspring, and they still suggest sending them for yet another degree. I guess they figure if they keep the kid in grad school they don’t have to be embarrassed by his or her unemployment.

Guess what, Grandma? You don’t have to be embarrassed by your Joeys.

Chances are they will end up with jobs they love in IT and video companies (with or without a degree) or are selling omen product or industry he or she loves

It’s a new world out three.

All we widowed parents and grandparents need to do is give love and encouragement—and some chicken soup when they get discouraged. ##