Be Thankful for Electronic Assists

This year when the family sits around the table, and each says what he or she is thankful for, I’ll have a simple answer.

I’m thankful for my new Amazon Fire 10 Kindle Tablet.

Off course I’m grateful for my beloved family, their good health and happiness, and the fact that they love this old mom/grandmother as she does them,

But there always is a fly in the ointment, and mine is the start of macular degeneration, which specialists say is age appropriate and stable, with no immediate signs of terrible danger.

I’m still getting along independently, but lately I find I can’t read small newspaper print and even large print books are a bit of a challenge..

If you can’t adapt, you may as well quit this life, so I found OTT-LITE for about $12 (also at Target, Macy’s and other places on and offline) is a help.

But the moment I turned on my new Tablet I was home free.

I set the text size for “huge”and swhen I begin to read, I can spread my fingers to make the print even larger if I feel the need.

I also bought a 7- inch Kindle reader a few years back so I could order books free from My Media Mall affiliated with my local library. That’s equally helpful and fits in pose or pocket.

I’m learning to be patient, , and try not to complain. No one wants to be around a whiner and I do want to stay around people.

My ophthalmologist said my “issue” is “just an inconvenience.”

I think that for me it’s an inconvenience. If he had to deal with this condition it would probably be a tragedy.

I’m so thankful I can still write this—and find some humor in it.

Happy Thanksgiving!