So Who’s That President Again??????

I voted.

I voted as if my country deepened on it, because I believed it did.

But I did more than that. I stood outside four hour, in 32 degree weather , 100 feet from the polls, and passed out sample ballots for my party.

It was great to see how well I and my ballots were received, even by those from another party. And one incident warmed my heart.

A beautiful white haired lady dressed in an exquisite white quilted down coat, stepped from a black Cadillac with the help oi her son and her walker. I took over for the son as he drove off to park, and I escorted the woman to the doors, opened them and helped her through. On the way she announced “I’m 94!” When I congratulated her, she added, “The president is a friend of mine.”

I was impressed.

When she came out, I asked how she happened to know the president.

She replied, “From school.”

After she’d driven off it hit me she couldn’t have known him in school since she’s 94 and he[s in his 70s.

She knows him the way my kids knew Mr. Rogers –from the TV set.

But who cares? SHE VOTED at 94!

We should all live long enough to do the same, no matter who we think the president is!