Take another look at your suppliment and Plan D Insurance

When I qualified for Medicare, I asked my older brother which supplemental insurance he used and signed up for the same.
He was always the smart one, wasn’t he?
And when Plan D came along I chose the one with no deductible. That too sounded sensible.
It wasn’t. None of that was.
This year I realized I was paying enormous amounts for my few prescriptions, and my monthly supplement cost was far more than any of my friends’.
Walgreens referred me to eHealthinsurance Inc, which analyze my needs, (1-844-249-9872).
And guess what? Because I had the same supplemental policy many years, the cost had been raised every year ($100 a month last April,)
I changed to another well known and well documented company and am paying $100 s a month less. I’m told that too will increase over time, but I won’t life forever.
More distressing was finding out that none of my four RX , which I order each month, are not even covered by my old Plan D I changed that and now will pay a few dollars for each RX.
What was wrong with ME?????
Just lazy, and burying my head in the sand.
I’m so happy to have made that change; I’d like you all to feel this good. ###