Beware RX Scam

I had sticker shock today when I called in my RX refill and went over later to pick it up. The cost, usually about $25 was $74.

“Why’s so high” I asked the counter woman. She answered that it was for 90 pills instead of my usual 30.

“No way, I didn’t order that and don’t want the extra,” I told her and she returned to the pharmacist who took 25 minutes to change the count. I couldn’t help but think it was my punishment.

Meanwhile, another clerk told me the pharmacy chain is automatically increasing counts on RX to 90 days and in most cases gets away with it and customers just pay three times as much.

He said some co-pays and insurance offer a discount for a larger quantity. My discount for buying a three -month supply would have been about a dollar.

So this lets drug stores and insurance companies hold our money or co-pay for two months in advance of use.

Too bad employers, or Social Security, don’t pay us two moths in advance..###