Change Your Story–We Heard That

First it was childbirth .Now it’s detailed descriptions of their husbands’ final illness and death.
In both stories, they are the victims who suffered bravely, and, as great martyrs, remain to relate the stories again and again and again.
I, for one, never tell stories about my children’s’ arrival, nor do I talk about my husband’ departure.
I admit I boast about my descendants’ special achievements. But my usual answer, when asked, is “they’re all fine, Thank Goodness.”
But never will I bore anyone with the sad time at the end of my husband’s life.
Instead, I offer often, and without any encouragement, the fact that he was the most delightful, kind, caring—and very witty—man our family ever knew. And yes, I am guilty of boasting about the happiness we shared for almost 56 years.

So think about that before you once again launch into your widow’s tale about your husband’s final hours.

We all went through the same tragedy and don’t need to hear about yours’. That’s why we are all called Widows. ####