Anita Hill Revisited????????? has managed to avoid politics in these past ten years, but what is happening now is not about politics, and , many believe, it’s crossed the red line of human empathy.

In an effort to show responses from our readerrs, here’s an email from a 60-year-old woman who has been an oby-gyn more than 30 years. We will welcome, and publish, your responses too:

“The Blasey-Kavanaugh kerfuffle: I am seeing red–Anita Hill deja vu. Hillary deja-vu. Remember him stalking behind her at the debate? If it weren’t for all the people keeping the faith in liberal democracy, I think I would self-immolate. Spontaneous combustion. All these self-deluding ignorant creeps who think Blasey is lying, or “mis-remembering” what was, in essence, an attempted gang-rape need to imagine their teenage daughters in that situation. And realize that No, she would not tell Mom or Dad or the police about it because she escaped and she’s too young to realize that the perps walking free will attack someone else who might not be so lucky.
Sorry for the rant.?

We aren’ts sorry. We welcome all rants and await yours.