Don’t Play ‘Victim Card’

I know that if you’re a recent widow, there’s a strong temptation to play “the victim” and talk about it. And for a while that’s necessary and more than acceptable. .

Unfortunately, others don’t want to keep hearing about it and such tales don’t make scintillating dinner table talk. All it will do is deprive you of future invitations. Who needs to be depressed?

Also, even though the situation is new to you, it’s not unique. Every other widow has a sad tale to tell too, some even sadder than yours.

I admit that when I get on a plane and can’t lift my bag to the overhead bin, I always tap a larger person on the arm and jokingly ask, “Will you please help this old widow lady?” I usually get a few smiles back, and the bags always land in the bin.

There’s enough going on in the world, and probably in your extended family, that can become very interesting party talk.

Use that instead.

And it’s always okay to show off pix of your kids and grand kids, because even if yours bore the audience, that will invite them to show off theirs.