Scams Still There–Aimed AT US!

No matter how we try to protect ourselves, scams still happen, and many are aimed at elderly widows.

My friend Barbara is a case in point.

“I’m so ashamed. I was scammed today,” she said. “Luckily I caught on before I gave them my credit card information.”

She was working on her computer when a box came up flashing lights and blaring, “Alert! You have a malware virus! Call this number right away before your computer is destroyed.”

It had a Microsoft type logo so she thought it was official and called. A man with an Indian accent answered, and almost told her she had to buy a $300 program to have them clean it out and install a protection program.

That’s when she caught on and quickly ended the conversation.

“I already have a Norton protection system, and I wasn’t going to buy anything from him, but I was terrified that I had let him into my computer where he could get into my banks and other important site” she said.

Her son assured her that her personal sites are safe since she didn’t give any information, and she called the bank to alert them, and they too assured her that her accounts are safe.

Big lesson learned!###