A Burglar? Not Exactly

When I made plans to go on vacation last month, I alerted my neighbor and asked her to watch the house in case of fire,flood or any other disaster.

She took me seriously. I forgot to go back the next day and tell her my son called moments before I left, to say he’d be dropping into our home on his way from his home in Colorado to a meeting in Ohio–and would stay here overnight.

Unfortunately, my neighbor saw his rented car in the driveway but didn’t recognize my son. When she saw the light on on in his bedroom, she called police.

They arrived moments later, with red lights flashing and guns at the ready. My son opened the door, explained who he was, and showed ID.

Then he had the presence of mind to point to a family photo on the table–with his face in the front row.

Whew! What that tells us is that my local police does a great job of watching over me.l But it’s still smart to keep a family photo in a prominent place in the house.