See You At the Voting Booth

Regardless of which party you believe in, it’s important to get to the polls and vote for its representatives in November.

I realized that before the last election, and signed up to become an election judge. It seemed the least I could done for this country that has been so generous in all ways to four generations of our family.

I took training and worked in the polls fro 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Election day. I felt somewhat intimidated by my lack of experience and skills, because the last time I did that, so many years ago, everything was on paper and simply distributed and collected. Now it is complicated and computerized. Being somewhat older than my fellows at the Polling Place, and somewhat slower with responses because of eyesight issues, I was afraid I wouldn’t be asked back ( A hard pill to swallow for someone who was voted Most Popular Girl in her high school graduating class!)

But lo and behold we are our own worst enemies, seeing problems and prejudice where none exists. It seems no one else dismissed my work, and I was invited to return for the next election as a judge in either a polling place or a nursing home.

I was delighted to have that choice for the first time. A nursing home will be the perfect place to exercise my election judge talent, since everything in such a setting moves slower, including the people and some election judges.

God bless America for setting up polling places in senior residences!
See you at the polls!