Want Senior Discount? Ask for IT!

OMG! I can’t believe what just happened!

I brought in the mail, opened a bill from the tree service that removed the 50-year-old Willow from our yard last week, and phoned the company to pay with my charge card.

Before I gave the receptionist my information, I casually asked, “Say, do you give a senior discount?”

She said, “Yes, you get 5 percent off.”

That changed my $2,650 bill to $2,518.

It was that easy.

I learned about senior discounts on my 65th birthday when my older brother told me I qualified for Senior Coffee at McDonald’s. Some stores don’t comply but most will either give you a few pennies off, or—the best—hand you a small cup of coffee free.

Recently, when I took out my credit card to pay for a root canal treatment, I was pleasantly surprised to hear the receptionist say “You get a 20% senior discount if you pay in full.”

Which I promptly did. (I also returned to my regular dentist and asked for the same, and have paid 20% less for all services there too ever since.)

So the lesson is clear: you deserve senior discounts simply because you’ve survived all these years.

So open your mouth and ask for them.

Remember: The squeaking wheel gets the grease.