Diffuse ‘Cat Fight’ with Laughter

As so many of us do, I love going to the movies with women friends on Saturday nights.

Of course I’d rather still have my husband here to go with, but there is a guilty pleasure in seeing chick flicks instead of murder and war films.

Although we all usually get along well, occasionally there’s a “Cat fight.”

Like last night. Three of us set out to see “A Bag of Marbles,” (which, by the way, is a fantastic film and should win any awards it qualifies for. Don’t miss it!).

We no sooner picked up “Backseat Driver” than she told “Driver” to turn left to get onto the expressway from a second entrance.

“I like this one,” said Driver through clenched teeth.

Then we heard from the back, “Park on the street, it’s free, and there’s a spot.”

“I like the lot and I’ll pay for it,” Driver responded, again through clenched teeth.

I could see future issues brewing about seating when we got to the box office, and when they started snapping at each other, I broke out in laughter.

“This is the nuttiest thing I ever saw,” I said. “You both had to be bossy raising crazy kids and then had to take complete charge when your husbands were ill, but that was then and this is now.”

They looked surprised, then they started to laugh too.

“Guess what?” I added. “We better all learn to get along because we’re all we’ve got now.”

They laughed too and there was a silent truce.

All of us really loved the film as well as hot dogs at the joint across the street later. We sat and traded wonderful stories (and talked a little politics since we all agree about that no matter where we park.)

Saying goodnight, everyone hugged and planned to do it again next Saturday.

Where can I buy a “Smile” button?

(What do YOU do in these situations? Tell us in a comment.)