Stand By Me

I was standing in line at the BBQ joint after seeing a fine movie, “Disobedience” Saturday night when my two friends, who had gone to secure a booth with their jackets, joined me.

“Say, We’re here in front of you, ” said two darling young men, who we hadn’t noticed behind me.

“Oh, we’re so sorry, ” I said, smiling at them and pushing my friends behind them. “They were with me, but you go on ahead of us. Please.”

They grinned back, shook their heads k and said, “Oh no, it’s ok.”

“Well, you’re right!” I quickly countered. “We’re old seniors, you’re so young. We have a lot less time left to wait around in lines than you do–so stay put!”

We all had a hearty laugh over that–and another unnecessary argument was averted.

Let’s all try and find the humor in those situations.

It would give senior widows a much better image.