Time to Get Move On

After a wildly insane winter–Spring finally arrived and I’m enjoying the garden at last. I’m glorying in Jonquils, Purple Iris and Tulips, with the promise of Lilacs and Peonies blooming soon.

But that’s not enough to fill all our days. Spring and Summer also can mean times to TRAVEL!

“Too expensive,” you say?

Well, say again. You can go to travel agents or discount Web sites and hope they find you a great deal. Or you can go online yourself and really search for the best value. Sometimes it’s the airlines themselves.

Remember, the discounters buy up airlines’ special values, then offer them for a few dollars more. Still a good deal for you with a commission built in for them. Travel agents also get commissions from airlines through their sales.

So maybe it’s time to do it yourself. Be flexible enough to travel whatever day that week is cheapest. Usually that’s Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and sometimes Saturday. Also, be willing to take red eye flights or fly at odd (less busy) hours.

Example: I wanted to visit a friend in AZ, and one way tickets ranged from $325 to $700. I went to American Airlines site, found just a few “basic fare” tickets for midweek and scored one for $133. I wanted to fly to Denver to visit family members the following week, so after a similar search on American, I found a Wednesday afternoon flight for $133 and grabbed it. (The $20 insurance covered both flights, considering two one-way tickets a round trip.)

My trip home to Chicago from Denver was an even greater coup. A Monday afternoon cheapest fare would have been $236 on the American Airlines Web site. The same trip on Tuesday offered a Basic fare ticket for $60!

I asked no questions and grabbed again. And guess what? I didn’t buy the $20 insurance on this one.

So come on. Get going!