What? Another Birthday? Can’t Be

I’ve had another astonishing birthday and–surprise–I’m still here.

I’m not only here, I’m still vertical and managing to walk a brisk mile and a half each day on the treadmill or outdoors. Also, My brain hasn’t deserted me.

Who knew that would happen? My mother died at 41 and my father died ten years later at 52. I assumed either of those years would be my “death anniversary” date.

It wasn’t. Not by a long shot.

After making a gala event for my 85th two years ago, our kids and grandkids decided to have a mini party for my 87th, and all came to spend the weekend together.

There was a lot of eating, of course, some here and some in restaurants, with a lot of laughter and wonderful memories.

When it ended, I decided I may as well stop waiting for my final moment (as I’ve done for about 30 years), and go ahead an buy a replacement for the TV chair that was falling apart, and while I was at it, get an upholsterer to repair the broken frame under the leather couch next to it.

If I don’t get my money’s worth before my exit, (which had been my concern) a child or grandchild surely will enjoy it. Meanwhile I am watching TV in comfort again.

At the same time, I called my home maintenance man to finally replace the cracked cement steps and sunken sidewalk outside the back door. There’s just no sense in having an 87-year-old lady fall off that ledge while she’s taking out the garbage. (Especially since she still can take out the garbage and remembers where to put it.)

I’m looking forward to seeing our landscaper soon too, to decide which old bushes to tear out and replace, and how many rose bushes to add out front. Also, it’s almost time to enjoy yet one more blossoming of the regal lilac bushes that line our backyard patio.

At this rate, I just may surprise everyone (especially myself) and hang around several more years.

That would be just one more of God’s pleasant little jokes.