Fix Clogged Sink Natural Way

There are so many times that I miss my late husband, and one of those occurred as I was preparing next weekend’s holiday dinner and the kitchen sink drain clogged.

I used the plunger as my husband always did, but it didn’t seem to completely. Since a plumber once warned me to never put chemical products down a drain, I wondered if vinegar would help since I use it to clean almost everything else.

Checking online, I found one blog that suggested mixing one cup of vinegar with a quarter cup of baking soda and pouring it down the drain as it bubbled. The blog advised waiting an hour and then running water to clear it.

Before I had a chance to do that I found another blog by a chemist who did an experiment cleaning butter from a dish–and guaranteed that the vinegar/baking soda mix would only coat the sludge in my drain. Instead, she advised boiling a pot of water, adding a few tablespoons of dish washing detergent and pouring THAT down the drain. Leave it a few hours,she wrote, then pour another pot of boiling water in.

I did that and the sludge disappeared and the water rushed down the drain like a rabbit chasing carrots.

So quick! Try it yourself before your Easter/Passover dinner leaves you with a sink load of dishes you can’t wash!