Call Me Twinkle Toes

There was a time when I could stand up, put one foot at a time on a chair, and neatly clip my toe nails.

Today, with older eyes, It’s really difficult for me to give my toenails the same full treatment. So I’ve taken to dropping in to the local nail salon to have that done every few weeks.

And, as long as I was there, and they offered a special price for a “mani-pedi” on Mondays and Tuesdays, I got the whole deal for $37 plus $8 tip.

Imagine how pleased I was to hear from my friend Beverly that Medicare will pay for me to visit a podiatrist every six weeks for the same service, plus callous’ removal and general foot care, even diagnosing fungus that may lurk beneath the nails.

Happily I just made my first appointment. Since this doctor doesn’t paint nails, as soon as the weather is warm again, I’ll return to the salon now and then for purple toenails too.

But until then I’ll enjoy regular medical toenail heath.

A nice surprise. Try it.