A Peaceful Refuge

Any longtime fan of author Elizabeth Berg—like me–will enjoy her wonderful new book, “The Story of Arthur Truluv.”

But if you’re a widow–like me– you’ll find special comfort in it too. For the hero, Arthur Moses, 85, still is hopelessly in love with his late wife, Nola, and visits her grave each day to enjoy his bag lunch in her company. He finds refuge in the peaceful surroundings.

I won’t spoil the plot,though I promise you it is fine, but I will say Berg’s skill and sensitivity shines through every page.

Here’s a sample:

“The earth has begun softening, because of spring. The earth is softening and the buds are all like tiny little pregnant women. Arthur wishes Nola were like spring; he wishes she would come back again and again. They wouldn’t even have to be together; he just wants her presence on Earth. She could be a baby born into a family far away from here, he wouldn’t even have to see her, ever; he would just like to know that she’d been put back where she belongs. Wherever she is now? That’s the wrong place for Nola Corrine, the Beauty Queen…

“Arthur takes a bite of his sandwich.Then he gets off his chair and kneels before Nola’s headstone, presses his head against it and closes his eyes. He cries a little, then he gets back into his chair and finishes his sandwich.”

One takeaway for us all? The memorial parks where our beloveds rest provide peaceful settings for lunch on a pleasant day. Comfort comes in many unexpected places.