Doesn’t Matter What You Call It

There’s a fool in the White House running around shouting “Merry Christmas” like he invented the greeting–or better yet,  saved it from total disappearance.

But the truth is that people who love Christmas have been saying it without a blip for years, as have many more who love the people who love Christmas and want them to enjoy it.

Ditto for “Happy Hanukkah!” Those who celebrate that holiday always say the greeting to each other, and enjoy hearing it from others who don’t participate in it, but are extending good wishes to them during that holiday season.

So what’s the big fuss about? Simply put, “Merry Christmas” has become one more mean tool used by this administration to set Americans against one another.

So shout “Merry Xmas,” “Happy Hanukkah,” “Happy Kwanza” and any other greeting  you may want to apply to the holiday season. There’s nothing wrong with “Happy Holidays” either and you still have time for “Happy New Year.”

Then Washington will stop this nonsense and start working  on the real problems facing our divided nation and its beleaguered constitution.