Get that Doggie in the Window

If you’ve been a dog-lover over the years, and now your last sweet animal has gone, you may be thinking, as I often do, that it would be lovely to have a furry pal to guard your feet in bed again, or wait patiently at the door for  your return, so he/she can do the famous welcome dance and lick your face.

But, again like me, you may think you’re too old to buy or rescue a dog because you’re afraid it will outlive you–and what will happen then?

My friend threw those worries to the wind, drove to his local Humane Society section in PetSmart and fell in love with a silly little Tibetan Terrier named Jax that had been turned in because the former owner claimed he bared his teeth and growled at her nephew.

After wondering what that nephew did to the pup, my friend took the little fellow home and the two have had a mutual, devoted love affair ever since. (Granted, Jax may bare his teeth and growl at anyone who tries to harm his new master. Otherwise, not at all)

To solve the problem of what will happen if my friend, now 87, should die before Jax, 4, this new owner arranged to have The Humane Society included in his will, with a stipulation and donation to guarantee Jax will be taken care of in a foster home until his next forever home is found.

It would be so sad, and so unnecessary, if other dear companions like Jax weren’t adopted because potential owners have unfounded fears about the future.

If you want a pet, get one.   You can always make provisions for its future too.

Meanwhile, there will be all that love comin’ atcha!