Dinner Instead?

How many movies can a widow see?

That’s what I asked myself when my regular theater gang called to set up our usual Saturday night movie and  supper date.

Then I suggested that we skip the movie one week and instead hang out at my place with a nice bottle of wine.

It’s not that my house is such a big deal. But the idea of doing something different for a change was really appealing.

I added a roll of goat cheese topped with jam and parked next to fancy crackers, added little humas with chips and we were off to a grand start. Then I tossed a fancy frozen pizza I picked up at the market the day before and baked while we snacked. One of the guests brought a salad, another bought dessert.

The latter was a nice addition, though I baked raisin/carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting of all sizes and shapes the day before.

It was a delightful evening–one we’ll repeat in each other’s houses often.

And we can always catch that movie another time.