Join Uber’s Go Go Grandparents

I don’t know why I came so late to the Uber party.

For a long time I watched my kids and grandkids whip our their smartphones and quickly order transportation, and I was amazed at how efficient and inexpensive it was.

But I stuck with traditional rides because I didn’t use them often, and it seemed a bit overwhelming to work through the website and registration to set myself up as an Uber rider.

But then I had to travel from the suburbs to Chicago’s loop Monday. That usually involves an hour and a half drive through traffic, and very expensive parking. (Last time I paid $47 for three hours in a public lot.)

Instead I decided to ride the Metra Train, a 30- minute trip that costs about $2 one way for seniors. But how was I going to get home after an afternoon meeting and dinner? I didn’t want to go down into the dark, train station alone late at night.

I have paid $80 plus tip for a limo ride home, and one taxi driver I know charges $70 plus tip. I was leaning toward the latter Sunday evening, when I decided to at least try and check out then sign up with Uber. It was not that daunting.

In fact, it was rather simple and I was pleasantly surprised to find there’s even a special “Go Go Grandparents Club” that lets you do it all by phone and skip the internet altogether.

Here’s the Go Go Grandparents’ phone number you can use to speak directly to a live person and make arrangements or reservations: 855-464-6872.

Monday night after dinner, I took out my phone, pressed the app and typed in my name, location, and request. I was asked to put in my credit card information. Once accepted, I was told the driver’s name, his car’s description and its  license number, then directed to meet him outside the door in five minutes.

He was there on time, he drove me home and the bill was $30!!!!!!  No tip was required, but I was allowed to add one to the bill and survey that arrived in an email later.

In all, it was a very satisfying experience and one I’ll be repeating often.  Try it, you’ll like it.