A Perfect Sunday

I woke up when I finished sleeping–with no alarm or obligations –and met a beautiful sunny day with temperatures in the mid to high seventies.

While coffee was brewing, I  walked  down the driveway to pick up my  Sunday New York Times. Because it was such a gorgeous morning I carried paper, coffee and  toasted bagel out onto the patio to begin my daylong reading of it.

I kept glancing at the garden surrounding me, with amazement that it somehow survived our heat spell and once again was glorious. There is nothing like a few tree branches overhead to make you feel “safe.”

And I did, until later when I put the paper aside and went into watch an hour or two ofd recorded Sunday morning news shows. (ACCCCCCHHHHH!!!!!!! That will dash your feelings of safety and security.)

After more reading outside, I realized it was time to visit my new neighbor’s “Sukkah”  a  small temporary hut set up in honor of the Fall season’s harvest ,and i spent a pleasant  half hour meeting even more new neighbors.

I could feel myself becoming more and more relaxed as I went back home, changed into sneakers and took my daily mile and a half hike through nearby West Park .  How lovely were all the other gardens and lush trees I passed  that were just beginning to change color for our famous  Midwest mural of colorful falling leaves.

Back home  I went, and back to reading the Times until supper.

I took my simple meal back to the patio along with  a half bottle of leftover red wine, and finished  reading the book section as I ate.

Looking around again, I thought, ” How lucky I am to have the freedom, at long last, to feel I’ve taken care of everyone  I love, and now have only to take care of me.”

Its another kind of liberation, if you will: choosing what I want to do whenever I like—and doing it.