A Time to Love–and Forgive

During this  time between the Jewish New Year and Yom Kippur, Jews ask forgiveness from those they feel they have wronged and forgive those they believe  wronged them.

I thought about that this week when a friend complained that her wonderful 26-year-old grandsoi didn’t call to wish her a Happy Birthday. She said she wasn’t going to speak to him until he did.

I asked who she thought would suffer more, the happy, busy, hard-working  young man – or his old widowed grandmother sitting alone in her apartment.

I suggested she send him an email saying, “Happy New Year, Love Grandmother.”

He probably forgot about  her birthday, I added,  and will be delighted to get that nice message. (I also think he’ll either send a reply or–even better–phone her!)

As my wise father once said, “Love flows from parent to child to child to child…” (And if we’re lucky, some flows back.)