No Place Like Home?

My friend Marilyn has always been the leader of  our pack.

In high school she was a cheer leader,then the first married, first to have babies. Everytime we had a club or school reunion–Marilyn was in the center of each crowd, our cheer leader again and always.

It was fun to just be around her.

Now that she’s in her 80s, her family and friends who are left still rally around her and always try and get her to come to reunions–no matter how far.

So last month her 91-year old aunt and 97-year old uncle asked her to join a family reunion  across the country in San Francisco.

You couldn’t stop her. All the sights just waiting for our Marilyn to visit. So off she flew with her daughter and they settled into a nice hotel for a week.

Did they have fun as usual????No way.

“My aunt’s become so crabby and demanding. My uncle doesn’t know what’s happening, two others had to fly back home to Florida because of the hurricanes. It was just awful. We did a little sight seeing and couldn’t wait to get home.”

That was unusual for Marilyn–who always has the best time anywhere because SHE’s there.

But you know what? As we get older and finally do adjust to the life we’ve made by ourselves—-sometimes there’s just no place like home.

There’s a new sense of freedom most of us never knew before.