Kiss This One Goodbye

She’d been a widow six months. He lost his wife two months before. So when they met through a mutual friend, it was natural to plan a dinner date.

Then another. And another.

“It was wonderful to have a friend to talk to who understood exactly what I was going through and we helped each other get through the same problems,” she said.

But girls will be girls and, as Melania Trump says, “Boys will be boys.”

“I was shocked last night when we got back to my house and he wanted to become intimate,” she confessed. “I enjoy a hug, a kiss on the cheek, his arm around me. But I’m not ready for anything more and I was shocked that he didn’t know that.”

Why would he?

She comes from an era when nice girls didn’t “do that” and no one really expected them too. But she felt sad that she couldn’t “accommodate” her friend.

She doesn’t have to feel sad about it. We all should realize that’s what happens when two people “keep company” for any length of time, and it takes physical attraction as well as kindness to respond.

Because there are so many more widows than widowers, he’ii find any number of women to take to dinner who WILL want to become intimate with him.

She, on the other hand, can enjoy pleasant evenings out with some of the smart, wonderful women who meet at the events in senior centers, libraries, churches, and local colleges.

And who knows? A man she CAN respond to emotionally  may just turn up at the next bridge  table.###