Laughs from Rabbi’s Lips to Your Ear

I was fortunate to be in the audience Sunday when Rabbi Barry Schecter, of  Kol Emeth Synagogue in Skokie, IL presented one of his free  “jewish Laughter” programs.

My favorite takeaways, that left me laughing out loud overnight and into morning are the following:

1.A woman stole a can of peaches from the store and was arrested.

The judge asked how many peaches were in the can.

When she said “six” he sentenced her to six nights in jail–one for each peach.

That’s when a man in the front row stood and said, “Judge, I’m her husband! She stole a can of peas too!!!”



2. A young man called his mother and said, “Hi Mom, How are you?”

She answered, “I’m fine, Son. How are you?”

And he said, “Oh, I see you have company. I’ll call back later.”


Does that last one sound familiar?