Super Crazy from Krazy Glue

Had a pipe leak in the bathroom cabinet, that loosened the wood strip on the bottom, so I decided e to get some Krazy Glue, drop in on the strip and hold it there 30 seconds.

My husband did it all the time., At least that’s how he told me about it later.

So I went to Home Depot, bought the Krazy Glue, opened it as the package directed. Did every single thing it said, and guess what? The wood strip stuck! Good as new!

But all ten fingertips also were caked with Krazy Glue that hardened in 30 seconds too.

Searching the Internet for removal directions I found several, but took the quickest route: nail polish remover.

Soaked them a few minutes, then rubbed with doused cotton balls as I do to remove nail polish and most of it did come off. An emory board pretty much cleared off the rest, and I can  once again tell where my fingers end when I tap the table.,

I confess I never actually WATCHED my husband do that repair and now I’m sure he wore work gloves. Otherwise I’d have heard about that too.

So why in the world doesn’t the Krazy Glue package carry one more line in its directions: