Widowslist rates AMC Theatres: ‘Best’

If you like to go to the movies (and show me a widow who doesn’t) , you’ll appreciate AMC theatres that offer regular treats for all of us,

Currently, my local AMC theatre in Northbrook Court, in Northbrook  ,Il, offers $5 tickets to everyone all day Tuesdays. This will go on through October for plain folks, but if you invest in an Insider membership for $16, you are eligible for that bargain all year.

Your local AMC theatre may not offer this particular “come on” , but all have special promotions throughout the year for special groups, such as seniors, etc.

One other treat is the seats that you choose when you buy your ticket either on line or in person, because, those leather-like seats are the most comfortable we’ve found anywhere. They slide back with the touch of a button, sending your headrest down and your footrest up . Then you pull over the side tray to hold purse or popcorn.

This theatre group is certainly trying hard–and as far as I’m concerned–it’s succeeding.