Fill Emptiness-Join Senior Center, Library

Regardless of how busy we try to stay, going to movies, reading books, keeping dates with friends and family–there always are moments when you feel lonely.

I often tell people, ” I’m not alone—I”M here.” But sometimes even that isn’t enough and you crave more stimulation for your brain, which usually can only come from being with others.

In such a mood, I recently decided to throw ice cubes on my brain and began with a trip to my library. Picking up a copy of the month’s calendar, I circled a current events meeting, and a Classic Films showing of “On the Waterfront, ” and oh, how wonderful that was! I also plan to drop in to hear a Sunday afternoon concert .

Next I drove to the North Shore Senior Center in Northfield, IL, founded by market research legend A.C. Nielsen, and I joined for $70.That allowed me discount admission to all activities, particularly its LifeLong Learning Programs. These are top notch lectures on art, science current events, and also films and dramatic programs.

Best of all, it offers day trips, including one to Chicago’s loop by bus with the group to see Hamilton, something I’ve been planning to do since reading Hamilton, the book, and listening to the CD Hamilton over and over while studying the lyrics.

I had to get up at 6:30 a.m. to get in line for that ticket but am glad I did.

With “ice cubes on my brain” again, I’m back among the living.

I learned we can’t waste a moment of the precious days left to us.