Signing Out with Style

We all spend a lot of time contemplating, then planning for, our departure. It goes with the territory, especially after you’ve done that for your mate.

We try and put our paperwork in order, check our wills, and do our best to let our kids know how we would like them to distribute our treasures “when I’m through with them.”

But one of my Chicago-area friends began what I hope will become a new trend.

When Marilyn Drucker’s husband Leonard died, she drew on her famous wit as well as her love, and had his headstone in Sholom Cemetery in Arlington Heights IL, ┬áread: “Leonard Drucker, Family Man, Gone Golfing.”

And when Marilyn died one year ago today, July 19, 2016 ,and her family was faced with the same headstone question, they followed her lead.

“My mom had a sense of humor for my dad, so we thought we should have a sense of humor for her,” recalls her daughter Denise Drucker Blinick,

As a result, Marilyn’s headstone reads, “Gone Shopping.”

Wouldn’t it be nice if all our kids remembered us with a sense of humor?