86–And: Still Writing Steamy Sex Novels

Curious researchers are beginning to affirm that some seniors still enjoy sex.

And those who work among seniors in assisted living residences report that the few men there (who usually have their choice of many widows) will often develop a romantic alliance, gallantly escort  her away from the bingo table, and lead her to his apartment for an evening of pleasure.

No one asks what goes on behind those closed doors, nor should they.

But my dear lifetime friend, Charmaine Gordon, now 86, can tell you all about it–and she does in the 25 romantic novels she’s been writing since she was 78.

Charmaine developed her own reader  niche: senior widows like herself who are still attractive and active, and find new romance when and where they never expected to. And lo and behold, either from experience or imagination, Charmaine treats those loyal readers to very steamy sex scenes in every book.

In fact, she just completed her 25th, “Beware the Blue Eyed Thunderbolt,” about a gorgeous, recently widowed business woman in her 60s, who meets an unbelievably handsome doctor ten years younger in the veterinarian’s office, and mad, passionate love ensues. Our heroine can’t resist our hero’s gorgeous manliness –and he can’t resist her unbelievable beauty, long golden curls and phenomenal body. Of course they both have blue eyes, ergo the title.

But hey, this isn’t Charmaine’s first rodeo, as Dr. Phil might say. Some of her other titles in this same new “senior steamy romance lit” genre include: “When Doubles Become Singles”, “Charlie’s Family Secret,” “She Didn’t Say No”….and many more.

Check them out at Amazon.com, and buy one. We guarantee a fun read.