Airport Electric Cart Gets You There in Time

Wheelchairs aren’t the only help offered to travelers in the airports.

I was rushing across two huge terminals lugging a heavy carry -on bag and a purse, and feared I’d never make my next flight in time.

Flight #1 had been late, leaving me 10 minutes instead of an hour to make this impossible transfer. Huffing, puffing, and in panic, Iran on.

Suddenly I heard a beep and turned to see an airport electric cart pulling up beside me. “Hop in” the driver said, and as he checked my gate number on his computer, he assured me we’d not only arrive on time, but I could  even use the ladies room before boarding.

I asked what that cost and he assured me the carts  are a free airport service, but  gratuities are accepted–which I gladly gave him.

Some airports don’t provide the carts yet, but you should always ask any airport employee if they do, and if so, ask them to call one for you. It’s also wise to ask you flight attendant to call one to meet  you at the gate if you have to change planes.

The downside of the carts is some go too fast and have been known to hit pedestrians, but airports are working on that.

Although I had plenty of time to change planes on my return trip, I called for a cart when I got off Plane #1 anyway, and I was able to enjoy a restful lunch before reboarding.