There in spirit

Sunday ranks as one of the most splendid days in our family’s history, when our first grandchild, and only granddaughter, Sara Preis married Wayne Brin in a spectacular ceremony.

But, of course, for this widow, it was bittersweet. Sara’s birth father died tragically when she was three, and, though she was adopted by a devoted step-father soon afterward, her grandfathers also stepped in to  help fill that void and probably became closer to her than is ordinary.

“Papa George,” her father’s father, was at the wedding, and paid tribute to “Papa Hal,” my husband, who was not.

Everyone in our family had many moments during the memorable and festive weekend when we felt the pain and sorrow of his loss. We wished he was with us on this so special day. It helped that Sara arranged a special table at the reception with photos of beloved family members who were gone. And it included one of our handsome Papa Hal, holding his beloved, 4-year-old Sara in his arms.

Today, looking with joy at photos of all our children, grandchildren, dearest cousins and friends who were with us, I  thought about whether I want to go the rest of the way seeing such glasses “half full or half empty.”

I chose half full because I’m so grateful to have this family and know that as long as some of us are together, Hal will be with us in spirit as he was Sunday.