Retiring? ‘Postpone NOTHING’

Next time you blow out birthday candles, stop and ask yourself if you’re living the life you really want to live. Consider whether you’re living out your days following a prescribed lifestyle for senior widows–or if there is another option. Maybe you CAN go on an adventure trip you always wanted to take. Maybe you CAN buy that special something that would make your life happier. Maybe you CAN sell your old home and move elsewhere, even though everyone in the family tells you not to.

In other words, life is not a dress rehearsal. You get no “do over” and when you come to the end of your days, is there something you’ll regret not having done?  
Not long ago best-selling author Lynne Martin and her husband Tim began a conversation which ultimately led to a life deemed only appropriate for those who believe in postponing nothing. 
In 2011 they sold their home, disbursed their belongings, and set out on a journey that took them across several continents and into the homes of people they never imagined meeting in places they longed to experience.  A movement began which is resonating with thousands of followers across the world. 
 Their adventure, based on their own personal mantra for life, “Postpone Nothing,” has since become the subject of Lynne’s best-selling book released titled Home Sweet Anywhere. The author, now living in Paris for a few months, has become a media darling as well.
The book is a travelogue biography filled with personal anecdotes and exciting moments as Lynne and Tim live around the world totally “home free.” It has remained in the Top 10 list on Amazon, is 3# in Biographies at Barnes & Noble and has quickly soared off the shelves at other retailers. A second printing began the day of release and a sequel for next year is quickly becoming a reality.  The memoir is available in paperback, e-book and audio versions.

Although the book is an enchanting account of how one couple fulfilled a dream of living abroad one country at a time and invented a new vision for a second lease on life, it has also become the source for a new slogan for baby boomers, a loud and clear message to “Postpone Nothing.”

Lynne’s personal feelings about life and the joy that liberation from possessions can bring has inspired people from around the globe, both young and old, to recreate their own lives before it is too late. Lynne has become this year’s media darling, offering insight, tips and entertaining stories from their experiences from around the world, but most importantly she has become the motivational leader and mentor with her message –Postpone Nothing”

.“Life is too precious not to savor every minute,” said the author and motivational speaker. “I want this book, Home Sweet Anywhere, to inspire people to postpone nothing, to create their own roadmap to happiness or at the very least come along for our ride in the hope we make them smile.”

“It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, we encourage people to look at life as we do,” said Tim Martin. “Postpone Nothing – it’s a message we both want to share with as many people as we can because we think by identifying and following your dreams, you can experience a life much fuller and more energetic than what you may have thought possible.”.

You may want to pick up a copy.