I’ve Been ‘Tired’—–By My Car

Ever been ‘tired?”

I have—by my car.

When my granddaughter and I left a local restaurant last weekend, she commented, “Grandma, your front tire looks low on air.” The parking valet, standing near by, warned me not to drive any father than home on it.

You must understand that when my husband died, I didn’t know any more about air in tires than I did about working the gas pump gas or changing the oil. He did all that, and until this week I was still in the dark about tires.

That night, I went home and began worrying about which towing company to call in the morning so I could drive it to our local Just Tires franchise and have whatever was wrong fixed. I was already mad about having to pay God know what for the tow.

Then a wise friend told me to look at my car insurance policy, because most have road service coverage and a low tire fits that description. I looked. I had it and the next morning I called the insurance company’s help line.

In 45 minutes, the road service car pulled up in front of my home and a friendly young man hopped out. He checked the valve and said it was fine and it didn’t look as though any had slow leaks in the rims, or anywhere else, Then he filled all the tires to proper levels and gave me the astounding news that I’m supposed to check the air pressure every few months (Duh!) and have someone fill any tires that are low.

Because I drive far less than when I worked, I have less auto checkups and fewer oil changes, so the service people probably didn’t get to check the tires every few months.

I now have a schedule—with encouragement from my Just Tires franchise—to drive over there every ow and then, have someone help me check the pressure and fill them with air.

I feel rested.