Your Driving Is- Driving Me Nuts

You may not be guilty–but too many women drive around while talking on cell phones and clicking at texts when they should be watching the road.

I know, I know. The call came in while you were at the stoplight.

If so, then pull over to answer, or let it wait until you get where you’re going. Answering while driving is DANGEROUS for you and everyone in your path. (It’s also rude if someone else is in the car.)

Similarly, I’m annoyed when I see you turn left into the far right lane because ¬†you plan to turn right later. As a driving instructor taught me: THAT IS AGAINST THE LAW AND WILL GET YOU A TICKET OF A COP SEES YOU DO IT. Always turn left into the same lane you are in, then turn on your right turn signal and cross to right lane. It’s not rocket science, yet too few people do it.

The last irritation is illegal use of handicapped parking spaces. It’s a great temptation to continue to use the handicapped card after your husband, who actually needed it, has died. Also, no one can actually catch you because many disabilities may not be detected by others. But if that card hasn’t been issued to you for your own disability–please do the right thing and throw it away. People with real disabilities need the space.

Fortunately, you can drive past it and count your blessings if you don’t