Randhill Park Welcomes Interfaith Couples

My nephew, who lives  in Arizona, recently came to Chicago and visited his parents’ graves in Shalom Memorial Park and Funeral Home in Arlington Heights, IL.

“It’s such a pretty, restful place” he told me, “And now that I’m turning 70, I’m thinking of my own final plans, and I was wondering what to do because my wife of 26 years is Christian and I’m Jewish. I want to keep the family together.”

Fortunately, the Jewish cemetery where his parents are buried includes a special section for people who have intermarried, and he was able to pre-plan satisfactory arrangements.

This problem becomes even more relevant as more people  continue to marry outside their faith.

Shalom’s Executive director Maynard Grossman explains: “Many families we serve have individuals from different backgrounds and traditions. Shalom Memorial Park and Funeral Home are formally affiliated with Randhill Park Cemetery to accommodate the needs of these diverse families.

Randhill Park is a non-sectarian cemetery located on the grounds immediately adjacent to Shalom Memorial Park. Many interfaith families are drawn to Randhill Park’s lovely Garden of Devotion. This private garden was designed particularly for the needs of interfaith families.”

Randhill Park offers a full range of options including its general grounds, outdoor mausoleum and columbarium. For more information about Randhill Park, please contact  (847) 255-3520.