Help Keep Sales Associates Working

Headlines screamed “American Retailers Lay Off Thousands!” again last week, and we learned the reason is that too many shoppers are doing their shopping online.

Well, I am not one of them. I am doing my best to keep sales associates working.

Aside from EBooks from Amazon, I pretty much browse through the Internet for ideas, then go to retail stores to see, smell, touch or try on the items I searched. That goes for food, fashion, furniture and anything else I need.

I met a woman on a plane last month who works as a personal grocery shopper. People phone in orders to her company and she goes to the store and squeezes the lettuce for them, fills the order and has it delivered. I know it’s a time saver for busy people, but it’s very expensive and also, when I worked full time in the city while caring for a home and family in the suburbs, I relished that quiet time alone in the supermarket on weekends (where nobody could get at me.)

The same goes for clothes and home furnishings. For example, if I see a dress online that interests me, I search for a nearby store where I can try it on, feel the fabric, and decide if it’s really the same pretty shade it appeared to be on my computer. Also, I can see if it fits properly. If the answer is yes to all that, ┬áI pay only what the dress costs with no shipping charges, and carry it home with no need to wait for delivery in a week or ┬áreturn it if it disappoints.

My young friends and relatives who order almost everything online cry, “I’m sooooooooo busy,” and they find me ridiculous. But I pay no attention to them. I have been equally busy over the years and was grateful for the opportunity to have both a family and a career during earlier years when so few women did.

Let me know if you agree or disagree. And remember, those sales associates need you!