Participate in holiday–and in Life

I think I feel it ┬ámost at Spring holiday time, when we women used to gather at the meat counter of our local market buying brisket or ham–whichever our holiday required.

And we gossiped: “No one makes a brisket as good as mine, I make it with beer–and my sponge cake uses 13 eggs,” one would boast .

Another would chime in, “All the children love my bunny cake. I sprinkle pink coconut over the top and use a marshmallow for a nose, with a cherry for the mouth.”

But we aren’t hearing that anymore, and those ladies aren’t at the meat counter anymore. (Where have all the butcher shops gone?)

The next generation has taken charge and younger men and women in the family, plan, prepare, or order the meal, using shortcuts where they can because every one is too busy working to make much from scratch.

So should we complain about taking a back seat ?
No way! Enjoy it.

If you feel left out, stop right there.

Don’t ask permission to participate in holiday preparations. Bake that sponge cake or coconut bunny dessert. Bring it to the dinner with or without permission, and see how glad everyone will be to have such a delightful reminder of yesterday.

If you keep participating in the family’s holiday parties, you continue to participate in life.

And if you have no family party to go to, invite yourself to a local homeless shelter or soup kitchen and help serve.

That may be an even greater way to participate in both the holiday and in life.