My Grandson—WHO????

Sometimes I wonder just how foolish the younger generation thinks we are.

I just got a phone call from a young man who said, “Hi, this is your oldest grandson.”

The line was somewhat garbled, so I said I couldn’t hear him. He tried again, “Is that better? This is your oldest grandson.”

I do have a beloved grandson in another part of the country, but I was sure that voice on the garbled line with no traceable id, wasn’t him. So I asked, “Who is this?”

And that fool took a shot: “Michael. It’s your grandson Michael.” And of course I have no grandson by that name,

I have been previously warned that scammers call seniors giving similar greetings, but I never thought it would happen to me.

If you go along with it, I’m told, the caller adds he’s in a foreign country and was mistakenly arrested and needs you to send money. They usually suggest various ways of dong that, often asking for your banking information.

Most of us are too careful to be swept into such nonsense. But  one more warning never hurts.

If you get such a call and can’t immediately identify the voice of your grandchild, hang up. Then check his wherabouts with the family. Then alert the police and your bank.

Has this happened to you or a friend? What was the outcome?