To Tip or Not to Tip

We all know we’re supposed to tip as generously as we can when eating in a restaurant. Ditto when someone delivers pizza or flowers.

But I was taken aback last week when a male friend said I should have tipped two delivery people when they delivered a new TV and set it up. I had $85 extra for that special service and assumed no  more payment was necessary.

In fact, the workers were so efficient and pleasant I called the company to praise them and was thanked, and told my compliments would go into their records.

But later my friend said that wasn’t enough and  I also should have tipped both those people. He added that I should do the same  when I paid extra for furniture and appliance set up and delivery.

I called the appliance company back and asked what most people tipped and if I was expected to also.

They said some people did give the delivery people extra cash for good service, but it was never expected nor required.

So help me out here, People. What do you do?