Consider Pre-Planning Exit

It’s one of those dirty little secrets, but here it is : We’re all born. we live, and “it must follow, as the night the day,” we die.

Remembering how difficult it was to handle final arrangements for our husbands, many of us opt to shove the whole concept of dying under that pretty Oriental rug at the front door.

We tell ourselves death’s too painful for the family–and for us–to think about now. Well, you’re right, and making final arrangements is usually very, very difficult for loving children.

So why not do it yourself? I did.

You bite the bullet. Look death square in the eye as the natural part of this glorious time on earth that it is, then call your professionals and set up plans for your final journey.

LindaLee Schwinnen, Family Services Advisor for Mt. Olivet & St.Simeon Catholic Cemeteries in Wheat Ridge, CO, makes the point that all final arrangements rise-and pre-planned arrangements are locked in at today’s prices.

“But I don’t want to spend the money on myself,” you protest. To which Schwinnen answers,  “It’s not like buying yourself a fur coat, or like taking an expensive cruise. Someoneelse  in the family will have to spend that money, and probably more, if you wait.”

She also makes the point that if you take charge now, and leave directions in  your will, YOUR wishes will be met. (You also might also want to choose a flattering photo to go with your obit, instead of having your high school graduation pix appear in the local paper and Website.)

In any event, these action definitely demand courage, and  we’re all suddenly learning we must exhibit more of it every day.