Traveling Alone? Here Are Some Tips

We all ¬†know we don’t have to take off our shoes in airport security after 75, but there are a few other things that make travel easier.

Even if you’re not handicapped, you can request a wheelchair to meet you at the airport entrance and take you all the way down that long corridor to your gate. They’ll also lift your heavy carry on bag into the overhead bin.

More important are some tips about staying in hotels and motels alone. First, join any and all hotel chain clubs because the points DO add up giving you free nights now and then.

Next, ask for a room near the elevators. I know, they can be noisier, but most of us don’t hear all that well anymore. In addition, it saves you a long walk down the hall alone, where troublemakers may hurt or rob you.

Bring 100 watt bulbs to put in the lamps, since the management usually uses very low watts to save money.

Sleep on the side of the bed far from the phone. Managers tell us most people answer the phone then sit on that side of the bed while they talk and it’s got less bounce. They do it even with cell phones.

If you’re placed in a first floor room with doors leading to a patio or garden, check the door locks before turning in. I once was in a motel where I did that, discovered they were open, locked them and went to sleep.The next morning the lobby was filled with local detectives because everyone else in my wing had been robbed. It seems a maid left the doors unlocked and someone went into the open rooms, right in front of the sleeping guests , and took their wallets off the top of dressers.

That’s another tip:Put your wallet (and passport) in the room safe (or under your pillow) when you go to sleep.

My friend Joan discovered another safety tip when she sold her home, bought a motorhome and traveled the country for a year looking for the best place to retire. When asked if she was afraid to drive alone, she said, “No, I bought a plastic blow- up man at Service Merchandise, and put him in the seat next to me. Everyone thought he was real.”

Now that she’s settled in Florida, the plastic man lies¬†crumpled up in a heap on the floor of her front closet. ###