One More Time: Don’t say ‘Yes’

The world is awash with scammers–and too many prey on unprotected widows and seniors.

Recently my 85-year-old cousin got a call supposedly from her granddaughter, saying, “I’m in the police station. I had a car accident and they took me here and won’t let me go until I pay them $500. Can you send it to me?”

We heard about that scam before  and most of us know that’s never our granddaughter and never send money.

But this had a new twist. The caller (who did NOT sound like her granddaughter) asked, “Can you hear me?”

Fortunattely, my cousin had been warned about that too by the managers of her building, so she said, “I can hear you.,” But she DID NOT SAY “YES.”

That’s the important part. If you say, “Yes, I can,” the scammer will edit the tape of your voice, and transfer that YES to one that allows them to take money from your bank account.

God only  knows where they get all this information about us to even make the call.

And my cousin wonders how dumb they must be .

“Why would they call me?” she asked.  “I’m broke.”